Can ultrabooks compete with tablet in 2012?

CES 2012 becomes the most prestigious stage to unveil new product, including ultrabooks. Previoulsy, Acer has announced a new ultrabook of Aspire S5 that bring the latest feature for mobile computer consumers. Intel launched the ultrabook category in May 2011.

At the end of 2011, mobile consumers were embraced by another product category of mobile computer or we called as tablet computer, such Kindle Fire, iPad, Galaxy Tab and others.

As mobile computer user, one of the great consideration is price. For me, using tablet is really new and I need more time to learn, try and test it for various daily purposes. It’s a kind of trial period.

In this early 2012, we see some manufactures release ultrabook. Actually, which type of consumers do the ultrabook manfactures focused?

At the side of pricing, tablet computers can touch to the low-end consumers with the price around $200 for each. Even some low-cost tablets from India or China was priced at the half.

According to Stephanie Ethier at DisplaySearch, “Throwing a new product category into the mix just creates confusion. Tablets will remain the stronger growth category over ultrabooks in 2012. She added that iPad will continue to be the true game-changer.

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