Consumers need multi-function devices

Multi-function devices are searched rather than single-function device, says study result published by Accenture. As a user, I agree with this finding. Yet, using too many gadget is ineffective. Digital camera, laptop, tablet, smartphone, GPS, remote control, music player or health monitor devices are commonly used.

Can we reduce into one-two devices only? I think it’s cheaper and efficient to getting around.

The study was conducted in September 2012 by seeking consumer usage and spending habits for 16 types of consumer electronic devices, 11 of which perform a single function and five that execute multiple functions. The study found that , the percentage of survey respondents planning to buy BluRay DVD players fell slightly, from 11 percent to 10 percent, while purchase intentions for digital photo cameras, digital video cameras, and game consoles remained flat.

“The percentage of respondents planning to buy multi-function devices in the next year increased significantly, from 16 percent a year ago to 36 percent for desktop and laptop PCs; from 27 percent to 41 percent for smartphones; from 20 percent to 33 percent for HDTVs; and from 16 percent to 23 percent for tablet computers,” says Accenture news brief.

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