Why Android tablets grab only 20 % of market share?

kindle fire upgradedAndroid tabs get new position by grabbing 20% of market share. I don’t understand why this figure is too small compare to the demand as shown in real market. People are talking and bought android tabs just like they buy something light. Easy and affordable.

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Why the study only found a small portion?

PCWorld writes that Android media tablets are slowly grabbing market share from the iPad, but no single competitor has yet to mount a formidable challenge to Apple’s industry-leading slate.

ABI research report confirms what is readily apparent to tech industry observers: No tablet maker has been able to build the mythical “iPad killer,” a slate so compelling that it cuts sharply into Apple’s market dominance.

So what’s the problem? Fragmentation within operating system software–particularly Google’s Android OS–is hampering growth, says ABI Research analyst Jeff Orr as cited by PCWorld.

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