Protect your tablet with eScan Tablet Security for Android

escan-Tablet_Security-promoHere the latest security suite product tailored for android tablet, eScan Tablet Security for Android. Now, our data stored in android tablet will be more secured. We may use Galaxy Tab, Xoom tablet, and other android tablet savely with eScan Tablet Security.

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Some key features are interesting to note. It ranging from realtime scanning, Web Protection and Parental Control, Application Control, Scheduled Scanning, User-Friendly GUI and 24×7 Free Online Technical Suppor.

The security suite will protect android tablet from malware, trojans & other cyber security threats. The suite will automatically scans all newly downloaded and installed applications on your tablet device, thus keeping it safe from unwanted infections. Its parental control really help us to when the tablet pc are used by our children.

Filtering browser and selecting accessed apps also create unique online security. User may use the apps using available password. By default, all the downloaded applications are blocked and user can access these applications only by entering the eScan Tablet Security for Android password.

Scheduled Scanning is common in antivirus application, so eScan tablet security for Android. This apps has ability to scan regulary on schedule. Another powerfull suport has planned to provide the customer information. So eScan product, that featuring 24×7 Free Online Technical Support through email, live chat and forums.

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  1. does tablets really need antivirus? I mean, we don’t plug any usb to it like what we do with laptops or computers

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