Tops 5 android apps: new releases, most-popular free apps

avatar hd for kindle fire

Looking at the newest list of android apps, there’s something interesting facts. I’d rather to share the news releases and the most popular list of free android apps based on holiday season –actually at the mid of holiday, prior new year’s celebration.

Let see the new release and most popular list of android apps:

Top 5 Hot new releases

  1. Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD, for Kindle Fire Edition, developer: Gameloft, note:available for 80% off, visit here
  2. James Cameron’s Avatar HD, for Kindle Fire Edition, developer:Gameloft, note:available for 80% off, check here
  3. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, developer: OneStepMobile
  4. BackStab HD for Kindle Fire Edition, developer: Gameloft
  5. Alarm Clock, Calendar, ToDo List – Productivity Helper, developer:7 Dragons Inc.

Most popular free-apps

  1. Angry Birds Free by Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  2. Netflix by Netflix, Inc
  3. Angry Birds Seasons Free by Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  4. Solitaire by MobilityWare
  5. Fruit Ninja Free by Halfbrick Studios



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